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Ad Lotto X integrates Ad Lotto Bitcoin lottery services into your adult advertising. Our dynamic pricing couples cryptocurrency markets with realtime ad performance to deliver optimum payouts to publishers with the highest return on investment for advertisers.

One of the allures of gambling is it's uncertainty – whether it’s the size of a jackpot or the chance of winning at all. Unpredictability increases anticipation, and as we all know, the balance between anticipation and reward play a crucial role in desire.

Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that the brain releases during pleasurable activities like sex, and eating, is also released during situations where there is uncertain reward. In fact, the release of dopamine increases particularly during the moments that lead to a potential reward. As a result, a heightened reaction is produced in the body, similar to that which occurs during sexual arousal. Winning in particular triggers a sensation of instant gratification and euphoria. During this moment, it can be very difficult to control the impulse to buy an attractive product. When the brain is switched into this “competitive mode” regular rules just don't apply.

Ad Lotto has the highest conversion rate of any display network. BECAUSE IT WORKS!
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Publishers - - Fast and easy site integration without a lengthy approval process. Rapid Bitcoin payouts with the lowest minimum payouts in the industry.
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Advertisers - High return on investment and discounts for high CTR ad content. Gives your customers an added incentive to interact with your brand.
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Take advantage of our dynamic crypto-market adjusted pricing. When Bitcoin prices go UP, Advertiser prices on Ad Lotto go DOWN!
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